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Short: True Skin

A brief, but convincing, look at one of humanity’s possible futures where the latest fad is to live forever by replacing your mortal parts with robotic ones. Directed brilliantly by Stephan Zlotescu it is five minutes of purest science fiction.

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Watch It! – Classics Edition

Some of the best Classic Views out there, in my humble opinion. In no particular order. 1. All About Eve, 1950 The intrigue runs deep when the ambitious young actress Eve Harrington (Anne Baxter) nestles her way into the closed … Läs mer

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Year of the Doctor

The title of this piece is a slight misnomer. It should probably be “50 years of the Doctor”; however, for all intents and purposes it has indeed been the year of the Doctor. Last weekend, Whovians around the world gathered … Läs mer

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