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Ten Movies: I Can’t F*ing Believe I Don’t Own Yet (Laura M)

These titles were kindly provided by guest blogger Laura Moore. 1. Pitch Perfect 2. The Avengers 3. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 4. The Way Way Back 5. Steamboat Willie 6. Beauty and the Beast 7. Some Like it Hot 8. … Läs mer

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Year of the Doctor

The title of this piece is a slight misnomer. It should probably be “50 years of the Doctor”; however, for all intents and purposes it has indeed been the year of the Doctor. Last weekend, Whovians around the world gathered … Läs mer

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Escape from Tomorrow

Movies are designed to astonish and amaze, and they usually do so by way of powerful performances, iconic characters, otherworldly settings, spectacular visual effects, and/or fascinating stories. However, every once in awhile a film comes along that amazes viewers by … Läs mer

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