It’s Just a Game, but What a Fiasco!

Okay, perhaps I just attempted to be a little bit too quippy with this title, but listening to last week’s episode of the podcast Scriptnotes made me incredibly curious and in the mood to play it asap. Lacking anyone who might want to play it with me as it relies so heavily on storytelling (and, believe it or not, not everyone I know are into that sort of thing) I wanted to pass the inspiration on and hope that one of you may let me experience it vicariously through you.

The game is called Fiasco and, sincerely, it seems the perfect way to spend a couple of hours not only tickling them grays, but also practicing understanding character motivation and how important it is for any kind of storytelling ever.

Here is a video introduction hosted by Wil Wheaton taken from the homepage of the game. For some reason I can’t add a YouTube clip at the moment and so I’ll simply link to it here.


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