What the fudge?!

Was sort of exactly my thought again and again last week – only it wasn’t ”fudge” and it was also, at times, in Swedish. The expression was used due to my carefully laid plans for last week’s review marathon, which was to appear both on this blog and the Swedish sisterblog I am also hosting, crumbling under the weight of unforeseen events. My schedule, to say the least, went out the window due to two factors:

  • I am working two dayjobs to make rent (as a temp at a daycare center and as a temp at a shop selling interior design – both jobs rock) and I was called in to work the weekend, which I had not anticipated
  • Writing the reviews and translating them (so they can be featured on both blogs) took a lot more time than I originally thought

So there. Serious lessons learned and now I’m moving on to this week. Yay! It hurts my heart when I don’t get to update as regularly as I would like and so, instead of packing my plate so full that pieces of that really awesome cheese or those slamming dates wrapped in bacon (gettinghungrynow) actually fall off the edges, I’m going to ease up a bit. Not even try to bite off more than I can chew, as the expression so rightly goes.

This week I will continue the Review theme on my Swedish blog and do a more regular line-up here. Next week I will aim to pick up Review week here and do the regular thing on the Swedish blog. Acceptable? I hope so.

Thanks for putting up with me during this learning curve I’m in and thanks for reading!

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