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Short: Inseparable

This short tells the story of a dying man’s last attempt at looking out for his family. Beautiful cinematography underscores an emotionally solid storyline and with the acting talent of Benedict Cumberbatch to play two sides to the same coin … Läs mer

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It’s Just a Game, but What a Fiasco!

Okay, perhaps I just attempted to be a little bit too quippy with this title, but listening to last week’s episode of the podcast Scriptnotes made me incredibly curious and in the mood to play it asap. Lacking anyone who … Läs mer

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What the fudge?!

Was sort of exactly my thought again and again last week – only it wasn’t ”fudge” and it was also, at times, in Swedish. The expression was used due to my carefully laid plans for last week’s review marathon, which … Läs mer

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Review: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Wes Anderson is the type of director who is unmistakable. His quirkiness as a filmmaker shows itself predominantly in his perfectly framed and balanced shots (setting his original visionary style), his over-the-top choreography (that more often than not adds humour) … Läs mer

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Review: Her

Her was, to me, one of Those Movies. The ones you read and hear about before you get the chance to actually watch it for yourself. I missed that chance in January at the Gothenburg International Film Festival, which irked … Läs mer

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Review Week

This week I will post reviews, whole reviews and nothing but reviews. So help me Whedon. These reviews will consist of: Her The Budapest Hotel The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Captain America: The Winter Soldier The Lunch Box Mes Héros Please … Läs mer

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Trailer Tip: La Belle et La Bête

I get chills. And they are multiplying. This trailer is no less than grand. It would seem the world of the fairytale is allowed to continue to spellbind us and I am excited to see that France is here to … Läs mer

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