Speaking of: Easter Entertainment

Christmas. Halloween. Holidays that are easy to access storywise, easy to relate to a certain theme audiencewise. Family, jingle bells and, not unusually, some sort of redemption story for the big X. Blood, blood and look you missed a spot for the deathsploitation that is the grimmest holiday of them all. (And, undoubtedly, the most entertaining. If you’re into that sort of thing……….)

But this week my writer self has been thinking: what of Easter? For goodness sakes, it’s filled with delightful plot possibilities that… but wait! I Wiki! And lo and behold, there have been movies made with an Easter backdrop. Well, okay, of course there has. And an overwhelming amount of them are directed at kids and feature animated characters while another hefty amount are horror films. Bless the Child is a favorite of mine, one which I had completely forgotten takes place during Easter, but as a title it sits amongst others such as Easter Bunny Kill! Kill! and Yogi the Easter Bear. (That last one is not a horror film.)

Taking into account that the only film title having to do with Easter that came to me off the top of my head was 2011’s Hop I began to feel that something needs to be rectified. Or at least straightened out.

Because why must Christmas lights twinkling or pumpkins grinning their flickering smiles into the night be the token setting for a holiday movie? Haven’t we had our fill? Does it not seem slightly askew that these holidays get all the glory? Why shouldn’t tulips and pastels and eggs eggs eggs be tantalizing in the same way? It is, I tell you. I am here to sound the horn (sound the horn? Yes, damn it, if I can only find one) for Easter as the perfect choice for a harrowing family drama or a sweet romantic comedy or a wackity-wacky comedy or a disaster movie or a touching indie film or a short film, for that matter.

So what would be my approach, you may ask.



That is a good question.

Well, I would angle it on the candy side to things, rather than the religious, and I would make a touching family drama bordering on a disaster movie with an indie romcom at its core. Yeah. Something like that. And the title?


No, not ”God”, then it would have to be religious, wouldn’t it? No, I mean that as in ”God, I hate finding the right title”.





That is the title. O’Hare shall be the name of the family. Who are all in the candy business. And are distant relatives of the family for whom O’Hare airport was named (so I suppose this movie is taking place in or near Chicago, then. …Or is it?). And that airport may just come to play a big or huge role.

Yeah. Something like that.

Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it in one way or another. Happy Holidays all the same to those of you who don’t.


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