Review: 2 Autumns, 3 Winters (2 Automnes, 3 Hivers)

In 2 Autumns, 3 Winters (2 Automnes, 3 Hivers) we get to know Arman (Vincent Macaigne) and Amélie (Maud Wyler) from the beginning of their relationship as we see their meet-cute and how they find their way into a relationship. Here any recemblance to a traditional romcom ends. Director Sébastien Betbeder turns his characters into narrators of their own story, sometimes speaking directly to the audience, at other times interrupting their participation in a scene to face the camera and comment on what’s happening and what they’re thinking and feeling about it. It could have been a disaster, but thanks to the confidence immediately instilled in me as a viewer I quickly get onboard.


The acting sets you up for a sense of private connection to the characters as they, after all, look you straight in the eye and personally and honestly tell you their stories. The chemistry between Macaigne and Wyler is palpable and the believability in the characters’ journeys are never at risk of being questioned, in spite of how the fourth wall is disassembled again and again. Instead this feature becomes an acceptable part of the world the audience is viewing – as has been the simple fact of the mockumentary ever since The Blair Witch Project first saw the light of the projector.

Uplifting and entertaining: two words that fit this film perfectly.


Betyg: Fyra Dukar av Fem möjliga.

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