Hiatus. And GIFF.

This blog of mine has been completely dead in the water for the past three months and it has been chafing me in all the wrong places. I now aim to get back to the keyboard and bring winds to fill the sails once again.

At the end of January I spent a few days partaking in the Gothenburg International Film Festival (or, if you will, GIFF). I went to three seminars – all excellent, discussing topics of equality in the film industry, with its focus on the Nordic countries and their policies for promoting and supporting gender diversity in the film crews as well as in the characters portrayed on the silver screen (and those smaller ones at home).

I find it important that us women of the film industry fight for the same rights as our male counterparts – for example, in Sweden, to get the chance to direct a big budget film and/or be given full faith in our capabilites during the duration of a shoot in the same way that the men are given it without pause (by their male colleagues).

Because isn’t a skewed workplace if the consensus is that a woman’s failure will have different consequences than the failure of a man?

A female director being given 50 million Swedish crowns to make a big budget film is (honestly) considered more of a risk than a male director because if the female director’s movie tanks, it will somehow hit the industry harder than all the times a male director’s movie has tanked in the history of film in Sweden. As though granting a female director the chance and her making a film that doesn’t draw an audience reflects badly on every female director to come, while a male director failing to draw an audience is simply… the way it goes sometimes? A movie is a movie is a movie. Right? Or is it: a movie by a woman is a movie by a woman – a movie by a man is a movie?

Leaving that discussion for now.

I saw several good films at the festival, three out of four being chosen without any pre-knowledge of them, which really is the way to go, while Labor Day was the one title I had read a bit about beforehand and really wanted to see. Here are their trailers:

I’ll be back with reviews of each of them. For now – be good.

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