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Watch It! – Classics Edition

Some of the best Classic Views out there, in my humble opinion. In no particular order. 1. All About Eve, 1950 The intrigue runs deep when the ambitious young actress Eve Harrington (Anne Baxter) nestles her way into the closed … Läs mer

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Words Worth Reading: Animals Were Harmed (The Hollywood Reporter)

The Hollywood Reporter writes chillingly of how Hollywood and its biggest and most successful production companies/filmmakers cover up how often animals actually come to serious harm in their care, not only during large-scale productions, but also on TV-movie shoots and sets … Läs mer

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Review: Labor Day

Expectations are never good to bring with you into a movie theatre. They will sit on your lap, obscuring your views, souring the experience and, generally, being nothing but a nuisance. It is incredibly rare for a film to actually … Läs mer

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Short: Love Does Grow on Trees

Fancy a short? Here’s an utterly brilliant one by the talented writer-director Bevan Walsh. Love Does Grow on Trees is a coming of age comedy, perfectly told in less than ten minutes, and wonderfully acted by lead Luke Ward-Wilson. Named … Läs mer

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Hiatus. And GIFF.

This blog of mine has been completely dead in the water for the past three months and it has been chafing me in all the wrong places. I now aim to get back to the keyboard and bring winds to … Läs mer

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